Wednesday, June 22, 2005


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are pretty near the top of my cool list and pretty near the top of my most loved list. They spend a lot of time at my house. We laugh a lot. Anya is Anya Gallaccio the artist and Kelly is Kelly Eginton, Anya's girlfriend and an up and coming artist. They live in London and both make really good (but very different) work. I've known Anya for ages but we've only got to be good friends the last 3 years. Anya met Kelly while visiting San Francisco and it was love at first sight. Kelly moved to London a few months later which every one thought was mad but it couldn't have worked out better. They're so adorable and one of the greatest couples you'd ever want to meet. I call them THE LADY BUGGERS or DOLLY and BOLLY. Kelly is a rock chick and we are BIG TIME MUSIC NERDS when we're together. When Kelly is around we eat a lot of bacon and Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. Every day they're not here is a little bit sad because of that fact. I'm desperate to get to the U.K. to see them but I think they're coming here in the fall for a stay. HOORAY! I get bitterly depressed every time they leave. They really spoil me like crazy when they're around. Kenny Beans really adores them too and Anya has a way with Kenny like no one else. She can actually call him things like 'GRUMPY BEAR" and get away with it. I can't imagine my life without them. HURRY BACK GIRLIE BUGS! WE MISS YOU!! You can see a great pic of Anya (which I think I took) and images of her work HERE.


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