Friday, June 24, 2005


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Another summer in San Francisco, another Gay Pride event, another rush of mixed emotions. It's a shame we still need shit like this but we're a long way from NOT needing shit like this, especially as long as the Southern Baptist Convention still exists. Those motherfuckers are like FLINTSTONE'S KIDS, 15 million strong, and groowwing. The hardcore faggots, fairies, drag queens, and leather freaks will be out en masse and of course the assimilationist fags will complain that they become the face of gay pride events. How come they have to show the drag queen's on the news? Well, I'm a fuck of a lot more pleased being represented by the drag queens than being represented by the white, male, middle class, investment bankers with Volvo wagons, 2 kids each and million dollar homes. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for queer achievement, queer families and upward mobility in the community but I'm sick of homophobic homosexuals who think the only way for fags to come out ahead is TOTAL assimilation. Look, we're just like you are!! Well, that's bullshit. For me, one of the great things about the big, beautiful gay world we live in is that WE AREN'T JUST LIKE YOU! We're bankers and doctors and lawyers but we're also sissies, weirdos and freaks. We refuse to adhere to the cultural paradigm which is dictated by stupid judeo/christian constructs that we don't believe in anyway. Queers have to continue to make our world a haven for the eccentrics, artists and misfits. Especially as long as they/we continue to be hated and persecuted by mainstream America. It's the outsiders who FUCKING CREATED GAY PRIDE. We'd all be swinging from ropes right now if it wasn't for the few brave faggots from back in the day who decided to be DEFIANTLY DIFFERENT. So shit on the flamers and sissies and queens and perverts all you want, you well heeled, rich, white assimilated homosexuals, but remember none of us would be here without them. These are the thoughts that I'm heading in to Pride Weekend with. Peace the fuck out, bitches.


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