Tuesday, June 21, 2005


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I'm having serious trouble adjusting to being back home. I've slept 14 of the 24 hours I've been back. This happens every time I go away. I'm trying to pull it together. I haven't had a cup of PG Tips in about a week, that could be a big part of the problem. I'm making a b-line to the kitchen the second I finish this post. My friend Patrick Rock (the guy I was visiting in Portland) bought a big ass 68 Chevrolet convertible. I cant' remember the make but I'll post a pic here tomorrow. Anyway, it was a blast cruising the city in it with Miles Davis' KIND OF BLUE as our soundtrack. I've really been a jazzbo lately (okay, not for jazzbos but FOR ME). I love that record and am going to buy it soon. I had 2 CD tragedies during the last week. One was when the mouthwash I've been using because of my mouth surgery leaked into the bag where I was storing the only CD I bought in Portland, BEATLES FOR SALE. This is the kind of shit that makes me go nuts. The artwork is wrecked but the CD is just fine. Of course I'll eventually just buy it again. It's the only one of the early BEATLES discs that I didn't own and it's doing it for me BIG TIME. Funny, they're mostly recognized for RUBBER SOUL, REVOLVER and beyond because for my money it's all the stuff before those that really showcase their greatness. PLEASE PLEASE ME, BEATLES FOR SALE, A HARD DAY'S NIGHT, HELP, MEET THE BEATLES, WITH THE BEATLES, etc. Any one of those will rock you to your roots. In case you're wondering why I've got BLUR'S CHEMICAL WORLD pictured above it's because I bought it off of E-BAY before I went away, which leads to my second CD tragedy. When I got back, my VERY SCRATCHED COPY was waiting for me in the mail (though the sleeve is IMMACULATE). I've buffed it out with the DISC DOCTOR (those things actually work pretty good) and it's ACCEPTABLE at this point though I'm still not thrilled about the whole thing. Okay, I'm having my tea now (it's 1:37PM) and then a trip to the gym. Hopefully BOADWEE BLOG will be getting back to it's normal self TOMORROW.


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